Cougar and Cash

Meet Cougar & Cash

These 2 wonderful dogs are currently in rescue.  Both of these dog have come into rescue recently.  They are currently both in foster homes. (with some of our wonderful members)  We will be looking for their forever home once they complete their veterinary care.

Cougar is a 5 + year old male.  He has a super sweet temperament.  He enjoys going on leash walks and playing
He will do best in a single pet home.
  Cash just came into us in late January.

He also is being fostered by one of our members.  He is also a very nice dog and is getting along well with other dogs.  He will be getting groomed next week.

Update(2/3/2018):  Cash hasn’t had veterinary care for several years and Cougar was not current on anything.  If anyone is interested in making donations to help offset their rather expensive care, contact Debbie Fitton.  An email was also sent out to the membership.

Thank you to all the members who donate their time and effort to help out these wonderful pups.