Nominations 2021-2022 Board


It is that time of year when we on the nominating committee send out the call for help. Not for help with an event, but to get nominations and volunteers for board and officer positions. These positions, along with the committees, help to plan and promote the activities that the club holds and participates in. These positions are open for a full members. To nominate someone or to volunteer, simply reach out to anyone on the nominating committee.

The list of nominations and volunteers will be compiled and presented for voting.

On behalf of everyone, I would very much like to thank Mark and Cassie Iken. Mark and Cassie have served on the board and as members for many years. Their hard work, and commitment are truly appreciated and have been felt throughout the club. I believe Cassie agreed to be president for 1 year, and that was about 10 years ago!

I also wish them continued success and the best wishes as they soon will be welcoming their first grandchild. I am sure the grandchildren will be even more spoiled (as should be) than the Newfs! Congratulations!

RKNC Committees

Awards: Gene Manley
Conformation: Sue Zientara, Rita Jacobs
Draft Test: Cassie Iken, Sue Zientara & Sylvia Steiling
Education: RKNC Board
Fundraising: Jennifer Jones, Carin Hicks
Historian: Pat Owens
Membership: Mark Iken
Newsletter: Gene Manley, Chris Jones
Nominating Committee: Chris Jones, Carin Hicks, Vince Molinarolo
Obedience: Mark Iken, Sue Zientara, Sylvia Steiling, Pat Owens & Cassie Iken
Parades: Chris Jones
Regional: Sue Zientara, Rita Jacobs, Mark & Kim Wankel, Tom Brandt, Lonnie Specht, Jean & Andy Zinsmeyer, Sue Zientara
Rescue: Debbie Fitton, Lisa Noel, Deb Berg, Marilee Hejna, Mark Wankel
Sunshine: Cassie Iken
Water Test: Mark Iken, Sue Zientara, Tom Brandt
Website: Chris Jones, Cassie Iken