H2O n Go

We have a special day coming, we call it H2O n Go!  This is a chance to have a water practice at our test site.  If you are entering a test and want a “practice test” this is your chance!

These are being held July 28/29.

For members, there is a General Meeting on Saturday!

2018 H2O N Go Flyer

Newsletter deadline approaching

Please make sure to get your news items to Gene Manley by 6/20/2018 for the next newsletter.

If you have Most Memorable Newfoundland Moment nominations, send these to Gene as well.

Thanks Gene for doing such an amazing job on the newsletters, banquets, and awards.

2018 Draft Test Results

The weather could have been better, but it could have been worse also… Regardless, we had a great group of exhibitors and we had our first DDX qualifier at a River King draft test!!!

Congratulations to the following qualifiers!

April 14th:
Nan Edwards & Secret DDX
Peggy Pack & Harbor DD

April 15th:
Everett Ward & Sage DDX
Connie Younggreen & Cole DD

Additional pictures can be found at the following links.  Sunday Pictures

If you exhibited and/or want the full resolution pictures (more suitable for printing, but much bigger), let us know.  We will get them to you!