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  • Newf Tails Sept/Oct 2018 (12/16/2018)

    Here is the Sept/Oct 2018 edition of Newf Tails.

    Newf Tails Sep-Oct 2018

  • Rescue – Status (9/24/2018)

    RKNC currently has three dogs in rescue– Buddy, Lizzy, and Cougar. We are in need of both financial help and forever homes. If you can help or are interested in adopting a dog, please check out River King Adoption

    Thank you!


  • Meet Buddy (9/24/2018)

    9/17/2018: This is Buddy. He was picked up from a Peoria, IL shelter on Saturday and is being fostered by a River King Member. Buddy has had a pretty rough start to life but everything changes from here on out. Left chained and starved inside a home, a case worker notified animal control who seized him and another dog in the home. The other dog did not survive unfortunately. Buddy weighs 65 lbs and is eating three meals a day as he is extremely underweight. We believe he is a very nice and smart dog and was well behaved at the veterinarian. He is estimated to be within 2-3 years old. Buddy is not neutered yet as he needs to gain weight first.

  • 2018 Water Test Results (9/7/2018)

    The weather was absolutely beautiful for the test.

    On Saturday Aug 25th, we had only one qualifier.  Congratulations to Sarah McDowell and Archie for getting their WRD! Way to Go!!

    On Sunday, we had 6 qualifiers.  Congratulations to the following teams for their amazing performances:

    Debbie Meyer and Sibylla on earning their WD title!
    Mary Burke and Zoe on their new WD title!
    Ashley Gaer and Cass on their new WD title!
    Cassie Iken and Cami on their new WRD title!
    Tammy Hensley and Bella on their WRD title!
    Sue Zientara and Doozie for their WRD requalification!!!

    Way to go everyone on their new titles!  It’s so much fun to watch the dogs in action, doing what they obviously love!


  • Newf Tails July/Aug 2018 (9/7/2018)

    Here is the July/Aug 2018 edition of Newf Tails.

    Many links to the water test pictures are included in the newsletter.

    Thank you Gene for all the photography and for sorting and publishing all of them.

    Newf Tails July Aug 2018 Edition

  • 2018 RKNC Obedience and Rally Trials (7/12/2018)

    The premium is available for River King Newfoundland Club All Breed Obedience and Rally Trials, October 6 & 7, 2018 at Westinn Kennels in Wentzville, MO.