River King Newfoundland Club

Welcome to the River King Newfoundland Club website.

  • 2023 Draft n Go (1/7/2023)

    This event is being held March 4th and 5th at the Lake Yeager Picnic Area #4 in Litchfield, IL.  Come out, this is a chance to run a mock course.

    If you are interested in stewarding for the test, this is a great opportunity to learn to do it!

  • 2023 Draft Test (1/7/2023)

    Join us for our 2023 Draft Test.  Event being held March 18th and 19th in wonderful Lake Yeager Park!

    2023 Draft Test Premium

    See you there!

    If you are interested in volunteering to help with stewarding or anything else, contact any of the Draft Test committee members listed on the premium!

  • 2022 Awards (1/4/2023)

    Did your pup earn titles?  If so, get some additional kudos for your work!

    Award applications are due by March 31st of the year following.  For example: For titles earned in 2022, get your form in by March 31st 2023!

    RKNC Awards Application