Upcoming Events

Dont forget all of our upcoming events…

  • Nov 17th is our annual holiday party.  We will have our final general meeting as well as a pot luck, pictures, CGC, Trick Dog, photos and more.
  • November 28th is the Thanksgiving Day Parade in St. Louis.  We need lots of newfs to make a good showing!!!
  • November 30th is the Eckerts Christmas Tree Pull… Bring your newf and draft equipment and haul Christmas trees.  Will be fun!  New this Year!!!!
  • December 7th is the Christmas Tree pull at Mills Apple Farm… Yes, we were invited back this year and will hopefully be bigger and busier!
  • December 8th is the final board meeting and planning meeting..  Venue change this year.  Board members be at the right place!!!!

Donations will be accepted at the Christmas Tree pulls and go towards RKNC rescue!!!  Let’s pull trees have fun and raise some funds to help our favorite breed!

See our calendar on the site for more details on each.. Mark your calendar and have fun!!

2018 Water Test Results

The weather was absolutely beautiful for the test.

On Saturday Aug 25th, we had only one qualifier.  Congratulations to Sarah McDowell and Archie for getting their WRD! Way to Go!!

On Sunday, we had 6 qualifiers.  Congratulations to the following teams for their amazing performances:

Debbie Meyer and Sibylla on earning their WD title!
Mary Burke and Zoe on their new WD title!
Ashley Gaer and Cass on their new WD title!
Cassie Iken and Cami on their new WRD title!
Tammy Hensley and Bella on their WRD title!
Sue Zientara and Doozie for their WRD requalification!!!

Way to go everyone on their new titles!  It’s so much fun to watch the dogs in action, doing what they obviously love!

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H2O n Go

We have a special day coming, we call it H2O n Go!  This is a chance to have a water practice at our test site.  If you are entering a test and want a “practice test” this is your chance!

These are being held July 28/29.

For members, there is a General Meeting on Saturday!

2018 H2O N Go Flyer