2018 Water Test Results

The weather was absolutely beautiful for the test.

On Saturday Aug 25th, we had only one qualifier.  Congratulations to Sarah McDowell and Archie for getting their WRD! Way to Go!!

On Sunday, we had 6 qualifiers.  Congratulations to the following teams for their amazing performances:

Debbie Meyer and Sibylla on earning their WD title!
Mary Burke and Zoe on their new WD title!
Ashley Gaer and Cass on their new WD title!
Cassie Iken and Cami on their new WRD title!
Tammy Hensley and Bella on their WRD title!
Sue Zientara and Doozie for their WRD requalification!!!

Way to go everyone on their new titles!  It’s so much fun to watch the dogs in action, doing what they obviously love!

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